For English Speaking Customers

What’s Kyabakura?

Kyabakura is a place where female staff either called “Kaybakura-jo”, “Kyaba-jo”, or “Cast” host customer at the table. (They are called “Layer-jo” at Arunode.)
Set price is charged hourly, 60min is 1 set at Arunode.

Hosting service in Kyabakura means that 1 girl sit next to 1 customer “enjoy conversation while drinking alcohol, and “sexual services like touching girls’ body are strictly prohibited”.
2 to 3 girls alternately host customers during 1 set.
We call customers as “Tanimachi-sama” at Arunode.

How to play at
“Aruyoru, Biru no Katasumide”

  1. 1

    2F~4F are Kyabakura floor in this building.
    At Kyabakura floor, you will find Layer-jo who are dressed as various animation or game characters.
    This is the place where you can enjoy talking one on one with them while drinking alcohol.

    60min: ¥5,000 (~21:00)
    60min: ¥6,000 (21:00~)
    Tax/Service charge of 20% will be charged separately.
    Price is for 1 person.
    Foods and drinks will be extra charge.

  2. 2

    Multiple girls visit customer’s (Tanimachi-sama’s) table during 60min.
    Buy them drinks if you like them.
    You can do “Shokan” if there is a girl you like.
    By doing “Shokan”, designated girl will stay and continue hospitality service at customer’s table.
    *Shokan charge will be charged separately.

    You can take a picture with Layer-jo by using store’s instant camera (Instax).
    * Instax usage fee will be charged separately.
    Karaoke room available.
    * Room fee will be charged separately.

  • This is the store where you have a conversation with girls while drinking alcohol. Sexual services like touching girls’ body are strictly prohibited.
  • Photography using smartphone or camera is prohibited.